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Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + GF)

I’m writing this post, all curled up into a soft blanket. The rain is pouring outside and I’m listening to the delicate, almost meditative sound of water hitting the ground while sipping on a hot tea and biting into a warm scone. It’s simple pleasures like these that remind me to feel grateful for the wonderful gift that is life.

We’re often so caught up in our lives and occupations that we forget to stop and enjoy these little joys. We forget to listen to the wind blowing in trees or watch the sun play hide and seek behind the clouds. We forget to breath and feel the fresh air fill our lungs. Or we forget to mindfully enjoy the food that reached our plate. All things we too often take for granted.

If you make these scones, I hope they can be a nice excuse for you to take a pause. A little 5 minutes just for yourself. To do nothing. To take your time. To simply savour life.

Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + Gluten-Free) // The Green Life

Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + Gluten-Free) // The Green Life

Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + Gluten-Free) // The Green Life

Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + Gluten-Free) // The Green Life

Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + Gluten-Free) // The Green Life

Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + Gluten-free) // The Green Life

Sometimes, unsuccessful experiments and sad failures happen in my kitchen. And other times, wonderful surprises happen too. These gorgeous pink scones are certainly one of those.

It’s leftover beet puree in the fridge and a sudden craving for a warm scone that led me to create this recipe. I don’t think I’d ever seen a beet scone before, but I figured they would be pretty awesome. And guess what, they are! I made a first attempt and voilà: the prettiest little pink scones were born!

I did my homework and went back to the kitchen to test the recipe again and make sure it was perfected before sharing it with you here. I tested it with different flour combos and ratios  – 4 trials to be exact! – to come up with my favorite version of these scones. The recipe I settled on is in my opinion pretty close to perfection. It’s gluten-free, it’s vegan, it’s lightly crispy on the outside, but tender and slightly crumbly on the inside. Each bite brings you to chocolate and pistachio heaven. The sweet crumble on top brings a nice crunchy bite. And bonus, it’s packed with super nutritious beets. Oh, and it’s pink (!!!).

I mean, what else can a girl wish for?

Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + Gluten-Free) // The Green Life

Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + Gluten-Free) // The Green Life

Note: You can substitute the proposed GF flours with spelt flour for a non gluten-free version. I’ve made these scones will spelt flour and they turned out delicious. However, the colour was less vibrant than the GF ones (the ones you see in the photos) – they were still pretty, but the pink color was slightly more pale.


Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + GF)

Servings 12 scones


  • 1 cup sorghum flour
  • 3/4 cup oat flour certified gluten-free if necessary
  • 1/4 cup arrowroot flour also called arrowroot powder or arrowroot starch
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp ground cardamom
  • 1/4 tsp fine sea salt
  • 1 cup beet puree about 2 medium beets*
  • ¼ cup + 1 tsp melted coconut oil divided + more for brushing
  • ¼ cup pure maple syrup
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate chopped (about 65 g) - I used 70% cacao
  • 1/3 cup pistachios chopped
  • 1 tsp coconut sugar


*Beet puree:

  1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Scrub and wash beets under water until clean. Wrap beets tightly in foil, place on a baking sheet and roast for about 1 hour or until a knife inserted falls out without resistance. Set in the fridge to cool or let cool at room temperature.
  2. Once cooled, rub the skin off the beets - they should peel away easily. Place cooked beets in a food processor and blend until smooth. Measure out 1 cup of puree and set aside.


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the sorghum flour, oat flour, arrowroot flour, baking powder, ground cardamom and sea salt.
  3. Measure 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil and place into a medium mixing bowl. Add the beet puree, maple syrup and vanilla extract and stir to combine.
  4. Pour the wet mixture into the bowl of dry ingredients and mix to combine. You might want to use your hands at this point - the dough will be quite dry. Mix well until everything is combined and a sticky ball of dough forms - be careful not to over knead the dough.
  5. Measure 1/4 cup of the chopped pistachios and fold into the dough, along with the chopped dark chocolate. Mix with your hands again until the pistachios and dark chocolate are distributed evenly.
  6. Transfer dough to a well-floured surface and form two balls. Flatten into two 1-inch thick disks. Brush the top of each disk lightly with melted coconut oil.
  7. In a small bowl, mix together the remaining chopped pistachios, coconut sugar and 1 teaspoon of melted coconut oil. Sprinkle each disk with this mixture and use your fingers to lightly press into the dough.
  8. Use a large knife to cut each circle into 6 wedges. Transfer scones to the prepared baking sheet, leaving at least one inch between each.
  9. Bake for 22-25 minutes, rotating the pan half way through. Allow scones to cool slightly before serving. Serve warm.

Recipe Notes

Scones are best eaten fresh and warm, straight out of the oven. If not fresh, you might want to re-warm them in the oven for a few minutes before eating.
Recipe adapted from Will Frolic For Food

Life is full of little pleasures.

Beet Dark Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble (Vegan + Gluten-Free // The Green Life

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  • I made these, but converted it using what I had. We aren’t gluten free or vegan, so I used whole wheat pastry flour and an egg and I subbed walnuts for pistachios. These were delicious! My husband hates beets and had seconds! Thanks for the recipe! I know what to do with beets when we get them in our CSA share now! We actually froze one of the discs for later, not sure how long they will be in the freezer, they are too good to let sit around.

  • Can I substitude the 1 cup of sorghum flour for 1 cup of spelt flour or the measurements change?

    Also can I use tapioca instead of arrowroot?


    • Hi Diana,
      Yes, that should work fine! The arrowroot starch is actually used to help with texture since the recipe uses only gluten-free flours. But if you’re using spelt (which contains gluten), you could even omit the starch altogether.

      • I definitely will. I have made these twice now (but both with regular flour). The first time, I followed some instructions from another scone recipe to put them in the freezer for 30 minutes (after you have split them into two balls, flattened them, and cut them into 1/6ths). It definitely made the scones flakier, more scone-tasting and less soft (like a cookie). It may just be something that needs to be done with the regular flour, but I would recommend trying it regardless!

        • Thanks for your feedback! I do use that technique in the other scones recipes I have on this site (which use regular flours) and it does make the scones slightly flakier! I’ll have to try it with gluten-free flours next time. I’m glad you’re enjoying the scones.:) <3