Inspiration Friday No. 3

Photo Credit: Dolly and Oatmeal

Inspiration Friday is a weekly series in which I share articles, blogs, recipes, books, podcasts, people and products that I currently love or that have captured my eye throughout the week. I hope you find some of these links helpful and inspiring!

I can’t get over how pretty this coconut rooibos latte is. And if you love Lindsey’s photography as much as I do, she’s sharing her best tips in this new free food photography guide.

I’m definitely making these soon, heart-shaped or not.

One of the best movies I’ve watched in a while.

In love with this citrine ring and this gemstone necklace.

Completely obsessed with these knot cushions. I want one for our new studio!

A Valentine’s Day love poem that’s worth reading every day of the year.

Did you feel the energy of yesterday’s new moon solar eclipse? It’s been a powerful and revealing one for me. Now and the next couple days are the perfect time to set your intentions and shift your thought patterns to make sure they become aligned with the life you want to create.

A very helpful and comprehensive guide for holistic hair care.


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