Inspiration Friday No. 4

Inspiration Friday is a weekly series in which I share articles, blogs, recipes, books, podcasts, people and products that I currently love or that have captured my eye throughout the week. I hope you find some of these links helpful and inspiring!

Some of the recipes I’ll be making this week: this chickpea cauliflower curry, these no-bake cookies, and this cauliflower pizza crust.

Canada has its first CBD boutique, and I have a feeling we’ll see more of these popping up in the next months. I’ve been reading a lot about CBD’s (Cannabidiol) health benefits lately and it got me very intrigued. I’d like to do more research and test it out for myself (and hopefully share more about it with you here).

My new favourite gym! This place has it all: friendly staff, beautiful decor, great atmosphere, kick-ass workouts, yoga and meditation classes, spa, and so much more. If you’re in Montreal, this gym is a must-try.

A must-see documentary that uncovers the truth behind Russia’s doping scandal in sports.

The meditation app I use daily.

A helpful guide for growing seedlings at home (yess, Spring is on its way!).

turmeric elixir to fight allergies and inflammation.

(Pictured is a maca cacao chaga latte I shared this week on Instagram.)

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