Saying goodbye.

Four years ago, I created The Green Life. With the excitement of new beginnings, and a desire to cook, create, write and share my journey. I had no idea what I was doing or where this project was going to lead me. I had just left the corporate world and was embarking on one of the biggest adventures of my life. 

It became my baby, my everything. Like a part of myself. The passion project transitioned into my career. I invested all my time and energy into building it, brick by brick. I identified with it, sometimes to the point of losing myself. The line between me and my business became blurry.

I started caring too much about what others thought and expected of me. I started to post because I “had to”. Less from a desire to share, and more as an obligation. I started obsessing over numbers and likes, producing content like a robot and less like a human. Most often than not, I was sharing from a space of “should”, forgetting the joy and excitement that had first sparked my inspiration. Along the way, I forgot why I was doing it.

The Green Life has changed a lot in four little years. The blog became an online shop. I sold kitchen and tableware, eco-friendly and wellness products, and finally a natural skincare line. Many vocations for the same container. I stretched it. I wanted to keep this vehicle because I loved it so much. I wanted it to grow old with me, following the rhythm of my own growth and evolving passions.

I now understand that The Green Life was a transition project. Its lifespan was short and its vocation was clear. Being a catalyst to my awakening. Bridging the gap between the old Sophie, lost and disconnected from herself, and the new Sophie, who understands more than ever what it means to live in alignment with herself. This project was meant to carry me towards the next cycle of my life. Bringing along with me a precious baggage of learnings, mistakes, failures and small victories. 

I’ve grown a lot this past year. My intuition got louder and my ego a little weaker. I went through a series of awakenings that turned my life upside down. I lost the desire to share recipes. I rediscovered the joy of cooking for myself, intuitively. Without taking notes or taking photos. I followed my heart and listened to my body. I slowed down drastically. I stopped posting. I forgot all about “should’s”. I felt free for the first time in a very long time. 

My perceptions shifted, my perspective changed. I integrated the lessons learned, and got out of the spiritual closet. A mission bigger than myself got revealed to me. I’m slowly starting to grasp and understand it.

And I know that in order for me to embody this mission fully, I must surrender to what is and close this cycle.

Today, I’m saying goodbye to The Green Life.

Without much logic. But a strong feeling inside telling me that it has served its purpose. That the project has arrived to the end of its life. It’s now time to close the loop.

Life is a never-ending flow of cycles. Just as nature is. A series of deaths, and as many occasions to be born anew. The thing is, we’ve learned to be afraid of death, and even more scared of the unknown. So we hold on. We stay where we are. Stuck. Not allowing our rebirth to unfold.

Our greatest challenge is learning to let go. Trusting that so much space and beauty can emerge out of endings, if only we allow them to be. Letting go of what once was, to fully honor what the voice inside is now telling us. Even when we have no idea what’s ahead. Moving forward with our eyes closed.

Last December, I pulled myself some tarot cards for the year ahead. Twelve cards for each of the months, and in the center, one card for the year. It was The Fool. The one who steps into the unknown. And next to it, my teacher, Strength. Finding courage. I had no idea what the cards meant back then. They made no sense with what I was living at that moment and thought they were a mistake.

Nearly a year later, I can’t believe how spot on they were.

The Fool stands on the edge of a cliff, ready to leap. He has no idea what’s waiting for him, but he knows that in order to grow and expand, he has no choice but to jump. He doesn’t care about what other people are saying. He only listens to the voice inside. Without looking back, he steps into the unknown. He knows that as long as he listen to his heart, he will always be supported.

This leap of faith, I did it four years ago when I birthed this project. It’s in the same way that I end it. Like a beautiful cycle that fulfilled its mission. Coming full circle. This leap is just as scary, but the feeling inside doesn’t lie. I know it’s the right thing to do. 

I’ll keep paying for the hosting of the site for a while, so that you can still use and cook the recipes hosted here. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it online, so I invite you to save your favourite posts and recipes. I’m considering re-publishing them on a different format if the site is being taken down, perhaps in an e-book.

You will now find me most often on Instagram under my real name @sophiebourdon_. I now share without a posting schedule, when the inspiration strikes. I’m being called to share mostly about spirituality, expansion, consciousness, and healing through plant spirit medicine.

If these themes resonate with you and you’re looking for guidance on your own awakening, I invite you to join me there. As for our beautiful products, they too, are destined to change. Their vocation was revealed to me in the last few months. I can’t wait to tell you more about it soon. It became clear that The Green Life’s vehicle wasn’t serving their new mission. To be able to express themselves fully, a new vehicle is needed. More aligned, more representative of their evolution. Some products will completely disappear, others will be modified and improved to be born anew. I invite you to stay close; what’s coming will be even more magical.

The re-launch under a new name and new site should happen later this Fall, if all goes well. I don’t force or rush things, I work in the flow, following the signs and guidance. I trust the Universe and let it unfold in divine order. Instagram account and Facebook page will change in the coming weeks. Follow us there to make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

The online shop will permanently close its doors this Saturday, October 12, 2019 at midnight.

Now is your last chance to get The Green Life’s products. Get 44% OFF your order with the code THANKYOU.

It’s the end for The Green life, but it’s really just a beginning.

I don’t know how this life will unfold, but as long as I’ll be following the little voice inside, I know it will be magical. I’m saying goodbye with so much love, forever grateful for the lessons learned, and most importantly for you, who gave my work all its meaning.

If I managed through this space to inspire even one of you to eat better, live more consciously, or listen to the voice inside, then I can say mission accomplished. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Sophie xx

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  • Oh, Sophie! Your post really made me cry8 I so much enjoyed your blog, your stories and your personality that I will miss you a lot. But I will find you on your other paths! Thank you for everything this blog had to offer!

  • Sophie – this post is thoughtful and powerful and so insightful! You are an inspiration and I applaud you! I will look forward to following you on instagram. Thank you for your work! -Tami

  • I am a blogger from Vietnam. I used to read your blog a lot. It was so long since I last visit your blog, maybe a year. I am so sorry reading all your words above. You had had a difficult but right decision. I hope you got better, connected to yourself and be happier with your own life. If you start any project in future, please let me know. Thank you for all. | Bach Duong